The competition sheet should be placed horizontally (no slopes) and 1m below the source container.

The reservoirs should be connected to the network on the 3 points of the grid chosen by the judges. Any three points may be selected by them.

The main supply pipe has to be connected at point 1 on the competition sheet.

No more than a certain number of lines on the network grid may be without a pipe

Can variate in each competition, less empty lines allowed means harder problems.

Pipes must align with the grid on the competition sheet, and where two or more pipes meet at a junction they must all be connected to each other.

The participants should use each type of pipe (diameter) at least once.

Dead end pipes are not allowed, i.e. all pipes must connect to one or more pipes, or to a small container.

Containers connected to the network using the container connectors.

Pipes should be full of water before any test run and the water level on the source should be the same for each team.

For this reason the setting of the water level on the source should be done after removing the air from the system.

The groups should be ready to run the evaluation run once the time is up.

This means that they have to build and try different networks including their chosen configuration for the final run within the amount to time given to them by the judges. Usually this time is one hour in which the las 10 minutes are used to get ready for the evaluation run.

Nobody is allowed to touch the set up for the duration of the run, and the shut-off valve should be fully open at once.

The volume of water in each reservoir is measured using the measuring cylinder or the weight scale. Using the same method for all teams.


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